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Black mold test and removal from your home

Stachybotrys chartarum, or black mold, can range in colors from black to greenish-black, and it can grow on material that is low in nitrogen content and high in cellulose, which would include such common household products as fiberboard, gypsum board, paper, lint and dust.

Black mold removal is a priority for homeowners who have had moisture problems. Once you spot mold, you should have a mold inspection or mold test and professional mold removal by a qualified mold abatement contractor.

  • Black mold in the attic

    The attic is a common target of black mold as moisture can go undetected up there for a long time, giving ample time for mold to do plenty of damage. Black mold in attic removal services are a specialty at Polar Tiger.

  • Black mold in basement

    Basements are among the dampest areas of a home, which is why black mold in the basement is a common problem. With professional black mold removal services, your basement can be fungus free in a very little amount of time as we specialize in killing black mold.

  • Black mold in crawlspace

    If you notice a musty smell coming from a crawlspace, there is a good chance you’ve got a mold problem. In the worst cases, it’s black mold in your crawlspace. Choose Polar Tiger to get rid of all your moldy crawlspace problems.

Whether it’s black mold remediation, prevention or testing, Polar Tiger offers a full range of services, making us your go-to mold removal contractor.

Professional black mold removal services

Why bring a professional in to take care of your black mold removal? It's simple – black mold is not something to procrastinate about. It needs to be removed safely and by an expert that knows how to contain it while going through the removal process. At Polar Tiger, we offer the following services to rid you of your black mold problem:

Utilizing the latest technology, we can safely and effectively remove all types of mold, including black mold, from crawl spaces, attics, basements and anywhere else it has taken hold in your home.

Polar Tiger professionals will set up and contain all affected areas, remove the mold and do an anti-microbial clean up of all hard surfaces, and leave the area cleaner than when we arrived.

To stay on top of mold issues, a proper inspection by a professional is one of the first stages of a mold remediation project. Polar Tiger mold inspectors will look in the tightest areas where mold can proliferate and full visibility into your issue.

Our detailed reports from professional labs give you all the insights you need into what types of mold are growing in your home. We use a variety of testing methods to get the most accurate report possible.

Polar Tiger will get to the bottom of your mold issue, which means we can determine the cause of it, and in doing so, we can also recommend options for mold prevention.

Our clients trust us because they know we use the right tools and have the necessary experience to tackle any black mold problem. We employ highly trained professionals and that know the value of exceptional customer service, so call for your free consultation today.

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Request your free consultation from the mold removal experts

Polar Tiger is on your side, which is why we offer free expert consultations. Whether it’s to talk about an existing issue or to be proactive and get ahead of a potential mold issue, our consultations are of great value.

Black mold test to find mold and mold testing after removing mold

Mold is made up off microscopic spores, which means even the most thorough mold removal services can’t wipe it all out. While you won’t see any mold following our removal services, we will test the area again to ensure that any remaining black mold spores are contained.

Why you should have a black mold inspection

Since mold is essentially everywhere, even though it may be unseen, would a mold test really reveal anything of worth? While it’s true that any mold test is going to come back positive, one type of mold you don’t want to see is that of the black mold variety, which can cause health problems. Most cases are related to the respiratory system, but it can also include rashes, chronic fatigue and persistent headaches. For this reason, it’s important to have a black mold inspection.

Ensure your safety with black mold remediation

You need to get on your black mold problem before it begins to affect your health. Polar Tiger offers a number of services, including black mold remediation, which will take your “sick building syndrome” and send it packing. Our black mold remediation solutions ensure that you and your family’s home is safe to inhabit, now and in the future.

Prevent black mold returning after remediation

No black mold remediation project is complete without taking preventative measures to ensure it doesn’t return. At Polar Tiger, we know the risks associated with black mold returning following what appeared to be a thorough removal process. We’ve developed solutions to keep it from happening at your home.

What to do when buying or selling a house with black mold?

If you’re selling your home and you know it has black mold, you’ll need to disclose that to your realtor. Better yet, contact Polar Tiger and let us remediate your issue before you put your home on the market. If you’re buying a home that you suspect has black mold, we’ll come in and do a thorough inspection and give you an estimate of the costs associated with getting rid of it.

How much does professional black mold removal cost?

The cost of having black mold removed varies depending on the extent of the damage and where it’s located. However, at Polar Tiger, our clients can attest to our fair and competitive pricing, and they really appreciate the fact that we never hit them with hidden fees. Furthermore, our services are 100 percent guaranteed.

During the mold removal services, our experts focus on:
  • Highest Quality & Professionalism
  • Safely. On Time. Within Budget
  • Quick Process
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Getting rid of black mold: DIY or hire a professional?

This is a well-researched topic – do the job yourself or bring in a professional? While taking the DIY path is a great idea for many home improvement projects, it’s not recommended when it comes to getting rid of black mold in your home.

Mold is present because you have an existing problem that is allowing moisture into your home. Often, the mold is in hard-to-reach areas, which means your method of removing it will likely not be sufficient to fully get rid of the problem. For example, if you’ve got mold on your walls, there is a good chance there is mold growing inside your walls. Does that sound like a DIY project? Most homeowners will answer “no.”

Not only are professionals mold removal experts, we’re also experts at providing mold remediation services. We will carry out a thorough inspection, test the mold to see what kind you have, and give you options for removal and preventing it from coming back.

Professional black mold removal and remediation company you can trust

If you’re seeking out mold removal services, you’re likely doing plenty of research to determine who will be a good fit for you and your home. At Polar Tiger, we encourage you to look at our references and see what they have to say about our services. Furthermore, we’re certified, insured and fully committed to offering you the best customer service. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we will tackle your mold problem.

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