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Because Polar Tiger utilizes CO2 as its cleaning agent, there is no harm done to the environment.

Around 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. While some water is more corrosive than others, any extreme exposure to water can be highly damaging to machinery and surfaces associated with watercraft. Boats might look pristine above the water, but there is often a large amount of buildup below the surface, and it requires a great amount of cleaning to resolve.

Slime, scum, algae and grime are the most common contaminants clinging to the hull of watercraft. Owners spend countless hours hand cleaning with scrubbers and solvents, which can actually harm the surfaces they come into contact with, not to mention release toxic agents into the environment. There is a better method of cleaning these contaminants, and it’s called Dry Ice Blast Cleaning.

Polar Tiger utilizes technology that involves shooting compressed air over dry ice pellets to form a jet stream of CO2, which is expelled at high speed out of a nozzle. The resulting stream of CO2 is negative 109 degrees Fahrenheit, and when it comes into contact with the contaminants on the watercraft, they are practically erased.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning can be used on a variety of hull materials, including aluminum and fiberglass. The process can also be used on more sensitive and hard to reach areas, like water intake valves, engines, electrical panels, tanks, and exhaust systems.

Another major perk to using dry ice blasting is that there is no secondary waste to clean up. Because Polar Tiger utilizes CO2 as its cleaning agent, there is no harm done to the environment.

Some cleaners utilize aggregates that blast away scum, algae and any other contaminants that finds their way onto the hull of the boat or in the engine compartment. These aggregates damage the surfaces they come into contact with and create a general mess, which means there is even more time spent cleaning up. However, Polar Tiger’s non- abrasive method does absolutely no harm, even to the most delicate surfaces, and there is nothing left behind to clean up.

Some watercraft owners are still working with wooden hulls, which require painting, paint removal and repainting. These antifoul paints use a variety of materials, including metals, which can be tough to remove using traditional methods. However, dry ice blasting takes the paint off down to the bare wood without marring it. And because Polar Tiger technology uses no water, there is no worry about introducing moisture to the wood.

The result of using Polar Tiger technology is a much cleaner watercraft, a less compromised watercraft surface, at a fraction of the time it takes using traditional techniques.

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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning compared to traditional cleaning methods

  Dry Ice Blasting Sand Blasting Soda Blasting Water Blasting Hand Tools Solvents/
No secondary waste
Non-toxic* * * *
*Upon contact, traditional blasting materials become contaminated when used to clean hazardous substances and objects. These blasting materials are then classified as toxic waste and require appropriate safe disposal.

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