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Crawlspace mold removal and remediation

Crawlspaces like attics are places where we do not stick our noses too often, unless we have a problem like water leak or in most cases these days buying or selling the house. Crawlspaces are never easy to access, not mentioning crawling in dark place full of spiders and webs. That may be a big problem if you have mold starting a colony and propagating undetected in there.

The primary purpose of a crawlspace is to promote air circulation through the home, meaning having mold in crawlspace, you most definitely have mold in the living area too. There is no secret how mold can affect our health, especially our young and elderly.

Like everywhere else, mold is caused by moisture and poor ventilation, where crawlspaces are known for increased humidity and insufficient ventilation. That being said, crawlspace is a perfect place for mold to thrive vigorously.

Regardless of how it got there, homeowners ask themselves how to kill crawlspace mold, and Polar Tiger has the answer.

Crawlspace mold services to remove all types of mold

As soon as you detect mold in the crawlspace, it’s important to have a certified mold removal specialist come in and identify the type of mold, how far it’s progressed and make a determination on how to address the problem. This is important because you need a qualified expert to know how to remove mold in crawlspace. Here are a few of the services we offer at Polar Tiger:

Mold spores are microscopic and are difficult to completely remove, but with the right tools, a mold removal specialist will get rid of all signs of mold in your crawlspace.

Our goal is to clean up any mold growing within the home, which requires a remediation plan, testing and many other steps that lead to a home clear and free of visible mold.

As qualified crawlspace mold inspection specialists, Polar Tiger will carefully look at all the areas that mold can grow, past or current. We will find it even if it’s living inside walls or any other hard to reach area.

From spore traps to swabbing to bulk sampling, Polar Tiger professionals utilize a number of testing techniques to determine exactly what type of mold you have and how extensive it is in your home.

Not only can we remove your mold, we can help you take proactive steps to keep it from returning. From checking for roof leaks to evaluating the air flow and ventilation in your crawlspace, our mold specialists have worked with clients for years on mold prevention.

Stachybotrys, or “black mold,” is nothing to laugh about – it can be toxic. Fortunately, Polar Tiger has black mold removal solutions that will keep you and your family safe.

Quick Process
Our experts ensure a smooth process from start to finish to get your crawlspace back in shape. It also means that your crawlspaces are done within 5-6 hours.
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All of our techs are trained and certified in mold remediation and inspections. We have the experience to remove mold quickly, safely and at a reasonable cost.
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Request your free consultation from the mold removal experts

If you’ve detected mold in your home or crawlspace or if you just want to be proactive and get ahead of any potential mold issues, call us today and schedule your free mold inspection.

What causes crawlspace mold?

Even if everything is in working order, as everybody knows, crawlspaces have higher levels of humidity and very limited ventilation, which entraps moisture creating the best conditions for mold to breed.

Crawlspaces are created for easy access to the most of our plumbing in house making crawlspace the most common place for pipe leaks to occur. Any leak, even the smallest one, can make a huge contribute to mold growth.

Foundation cracks, ground slopes toward the house and gutter downspouts not extended far enough may result in water permeation into the crawlspace causing the moisture, and if not to dried out in a timely manner, catastrophic mold grow.

Detailed crawlspace mold inspections to identify a problem

Mold can grow in the smallest, tightest and cramped areas, which is why when you have a mold inspection, you need to bring in professionals who know what to look for and where. Polar Tiger inspectors will identify your mold problem and have a fact-based answer on how to remediate it.

Crawlspace mold testing

The moment you spot mold in your crawlspace, you need to get it tested, because it could be the toxic form called Stachybotrys Chartarum (black mold). At Polar Tiger, we’ll test all suspected mold areas in your crawlspace and let you know which strains you have in a detailed report provided by a professional mold testing laboratory.

Crawlspace mold remediation protects your home

The crawlspace is an important piece of the home, as it is an area that helps the house “breathe,” and ventilate moisture. Mold is a byproduct of something that has gone wrong, but with mold remediation solutions, your home will be protected.

How to prevent crawlspace mold from growing?

The biggest and most common problems are rain water and ventilation.

To keep the rain water out, you could start by extending the downspouts as far as you can from the house, making sure it does not slope back toward the house. The finished soil level that touches up against the foundation should be below the foundation level (minimums are set by the local codes). Furthermore, the code states that the ground around the foundation must slope away from the house.

Ventilation options are limited and should be considered to each crawlspace individually like venting to the outside, putting a little bit of supply air from the HVAC system into the crawlspace, using an exhaust fan to move air from the crawlspace to outside or the best of all installing a dehumidifier.

Advanced crawlspace mold removal and abatement solutions

When allowed to run amok, mold can be devastating on structures, especially on the wood in your crawlspace. At Polar Tiger, we assist our clients with advanced crawlspace mold abatement by using the right tools, knowledge and methods to abate mold and reduce the risk of structural failure.

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