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Dry Ice Blast Clening method is an ideal process for electrical and electric power generation equipment.

Water, rags, solvents and chemicals – these are the traditional items used in cleaning electric motors, turbines, generators, AC/DC motors, transformers, substation isolators and bushings, exhaust fan assemblies, control panels and ventilation systems. A dirty motor and clogged surrounding components mean inefficient energy use, which is why cleaning is so important. However, cleaning also equates to extra labor, and more importantly, production downtime. There is a more efficient method of cleaning these items that doesn’t include fouling the environment or stopping production – it’s called Dry Ice Blast Cleaning.

The traditional means of cleaning involves allowing the motor and related components to cool, taking the motor out of service and cleaning it manually with industrial solvents. Looking at that extensive downtime, some electrical industry workers will make the call to let the buildup continue for a while longer. When this happens, the motor has a more difficult time cooling itself, and hot motors require more energy as they attempt to run at the desired levels. This becomes just as costly, if not more so, than the downtime associated with cleaning it. Thanks to Dry Ice Blast Cleaning, there is no need for taking the motor out of commission – it can be cleaned quickly and easily while it’s in place.

Polar Tiger utilizes technology that involves compressed air, dry ice pellets that is shot through a nozzle at high speed, impacting affected surfaces and essentially erasing the contamination, whether it’s paint, sludge, grease, dirt, oil – anything that hinders the motor and related parts. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning not only blasts away the dirt and grime, it changes contaminants at the molecular level, practically making them disappear upon contact with the jet of sub-zero CO2.

Operating efficiency and uptime are paramount to the success of businesses in any industry, but in the electrical industry, the challenge is substantial. Because Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is nonconductive and can reach into tight areas where other cleaning methods cannot, there is increased efficiency and uptime. Whether the equipment is stationary or rotating, Dry Ice Blast Cleaning techniques used by Polar Tiger gets the job done without any disassembly or cool down required.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning, as harsh as it might sound, is actually nonabrasive and gentle to the surfaces the CO2 pallets hit to. It doesn’t damage the surface of equipment, even delicate equipment. Furthermore, there is no drying time involved because this process uses no water, nor does it leave behind any moisture. There are no chemicals involved and there is no secondary waste to clean up with Dry Ice Blasting, which is a major downfall of aggregate blasting, which uses anything from chemical solvents to sand to walnut shells.

Clients in the electrical industry who have embraced Polar Tiger’s Dry Ice Blast Cleaning method have found that they lower the operating cost of motors while extending motor life. They are connected with an environmentally friendly process that uses no chemicals or solvents. They have no secondary waste to clean up or dispose of. They experience less down time and see instant cost savings. Please contact Polar Tiger and find out how to start saving money today.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning compared to traditional cleaning methods

  Dry Ice Blasting Sand Blasting Soda Blasting Water Blasting Hand Tools Solvents/
No secondary waste
Non-toxic* * * *
*Upon contact, traditional blasting materials become contaminated when used to clean hazardous substances and objects. These blasting materials are then classified as toxic waste and require appropriate safe disposal.

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