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Please contact Polar Tiger for a free professional opinion how to get rid of and prevent Mold. We specialize in fast and affordable Mold Removal, Remediation and Prevention.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says Mold can lead to serious lung infections, especially for those with Mold allergies or are immune compromised. However, the Institute of Medicine has found that there is a link to indoor exposure to Mold and upper respiratory tract symptoms in people who are otherwise healthy. Wood products, ceiling tiles, and paper products – they’re all excellent habitats for Mold to flourish. Mold also grows in wallpapers, insulation, upholstery, dust, drywall, fabric and carpet.

Mold is essentially everywhere, including the air. The most common types of Mold, which will grow wherever there is moisture, are Alternaria, Aspergillus/Penicillium and Cladosporium. Few of the more dangerous are Stachybotrys Chartarum and Aspergillus/Penicillium, which can be found in buildings and homes and are what is allegedly linked to “sick building syndrome.” Some refer to this toxic variety as “black mold,” side effects of which include nasal irritation, coughing, headaches, and in the worst cases, pulmonary hemorrhage and permanent neurological damage.

We offer Mold Remediation using chemical free Dry Ice Cleaning Technology or upon customers request using EPA-Registered and ECO-Friendly cleaners, disinfectants and coatings. Cold ULV Mold Fogging and Ozone Shock Treatment could be offered in many and most of the cases as well. We provide certified laboratory results before Remediation and after. Our service is 100% guaranteed or it won't cost you anything.

To maintain the integrity of a building and ensure the welfare of those inside of it, Mold must be completely removed without compromising the integrity of the materials within the building. One of the most effective ways to do this is through Dry Ice Blast Cleaning. This is a fully non toxic, non hazardous Mold Remediation solution that is approved by the USDA, the EPA and the FDA. It doesn’t introduce chemicals, odors or more moisture into the indoor environment and it’s what Polar Tiger offers its clients.

Since Mold can work its way into the smallest of crevices, it’s important to note that Dry Ice Blast Cleaning, as Polar Tiger has perfected, can get into these hard to reach areas that might otherwise be impossible to access.

Regardless of what type of Mold and cause Polar Tiger clients experience, or what surfaces are affected, Polar Tiger can remove the Mold and the associated dangers. Mold removal services aren’t limited to homes and buildings – Polar Tiger is able to remove Mold from manufacturing equipment, including anything food related (thus the FDA approval), power equipment, boats and aircraft.

Mold Inspections, Estimates and Consultations are free of charge. Please contact Polar Tiger for a free professional opinion how to get rid of and prevent Mold. We specialize in fast and affordable Mold Removal, Remediation and Prevention.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning compared to traditional cleaning methods

  Dry Ice Blasting Sand Blasting Soda Blasting Water Blasting Hand Tools Solvents/
No secondary waste
Non-toxic* * * *
*Upon contact, traditional blasting materials become contaminated when used to clean hazardous substances and objects. These blasting materials are then classified as toxic waste and require appropriate safe disposal.

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