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Mold in the home? Resolve mold problems for long-term

Mold doesn’t discriminate – give it the things it needs to thrive and it will do just that in any room in the house. Mold needs oxygen, warmth, moisture as food source and a short 24 to 48 hours to become an issue.

At Polar Tiger, we’re committed to assisting residents who are experiencing mold problems, including in the following areas of the home:

  • Attic mold removal, inspection and testing

    The smallest leak can create a serious issue in your attic, because most homeowners rarely get into their attics and a problem can go unnoticed for months. Sore throats, itchy skin and asthma flare ups are all symptoms that the attic has a mold problem. A bad odor is another clue. At Polar Tiger, we will make a visual inspection of your attic, test affected areas to reveal exactly what type of mold it is, and carry out our customized removal process.

  • Basement mold removal, inspection and testing

    Basements are often the most damp places in the home, which leads to a mold in a variety of strains. Basement mold will range from very toxic to less toxic, but none of it is healthy. When your basement is subjected to high humidity levels, mold thrives, and as much as you scrub away at it, it will always come back. At Polar Tiger, we’re licensed to inspect basements for mold, test it and remediate it with our proven methods.

  • Crawl space mold removal, inspection and testing

    Crawl spaces are even less visited than attics, which means mold proliferates. It’s almost always an unlit space, and if mold doesn’t get exposure to ultraviolet light, it will thrive. Some studies indicate that as many as 60 percent of home crawl spaces have mold in them. At Polar Tiger, we have the technology to look into all of your crawl space to fully inspect for mold. We also have the technology to effectively remove the mold.

Residential mold services

Stachybotrys, Cladosporium, Alternaria and Aspergillus/Penicillium – you might not have heard of these types of mold, but they are everywhere. Wherever there is moisture, they’ll grow. Sick building syndrome is often caused by dangerous types of mold that get into the air and are breathed in by people in the moldy home or building.

At Polar Tiger, we’re committed to offering residential mold services that keep your home healthy. The following is just a sample of our offerings:

Mold problems can not only affect your health, they can also reduce the value of your property. Without a trained expert performing the work, the mold may not be completely removed, or it may simply grow back in a few months.

Polar Tiger is equipped with the latest technology to remove your mold safely and thoroughly.

Step one is to call us for a service request. We’ll do an inspection and make a mold damage assessment.

We’ll make fact-based decisions on how to best contain the mold and remove it from infested materials, and provide a thorough clean-up, leaving your home tidy.

Our professional and licensed inspectors conduct an initial non-intrusive visual inspection focused on the discovery of mold growth and moisture intrusion - the leading causes of fungal contamination and mold growth.

Our inspections are FREE. We know where to look and what to look for, ensuring that if you’ve got mold, we’ll find it.

Polar Tiger takes a scientific approach to mold testing so we know exactly what type of mold you’re dealing with. We employ high-tech tools to detect mold that isn’t even visible.

We offer air quality, surface and water testing for homeowners. All samples are sent to a certified laboratory for positive identification.

All types of mold present dangerous health concerns, and the best solution is to prevent it from even starting. Rather than being reactive, Polar Tiger will take proactive measures to ensure that after your mold is removed, we prevent it from coming back.

We offer safe, effective mold prevention solutions that are guaranteed to provide you protection from mold.

Stachybotrys chartarum, as it’s known in the scientific community, is black mold and it is toxic. It feeds on household materials like carpet, subfloor and drywall. Exposure to it leads to irritated eyes, chronic coughing, fatigue, rashes and persistent headaches.

Polar Tiger has assisted many residents in removing black mold from their homes with our specialized methods.

Attic Mold
Removal, Inspection and Testing
Attic Mold
Basement Mold
Removal, Inspection and Testing
Attic Mold
Crawl Space Mold
Removal, Inspection and Clean-up
Attic Mold

Request your free consultation from the mold removal experts

Before embarking on a number of tests, Polar Tiger offers a free inspection to assess the situation. Contact us today and schedule your free inspection.

Home mold removal

Polar Tiger specializes in fast and affordable mold removal, remediation and prevention. Our services are important to homeowners as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says mold can lead to serious health problems, particularly those affecting the lungs.

Ceiling tiles, drywall, wallpaper – all are areas where mold can grow and requires a special treatment to be completely removed without damaging the materials within the home. Our services are 100 percent guaranteed.

Complete home mold remediation and clean-up

A thorough remediation is the only way to ensure mold won’t continue to be a problem in the household. From mold in the attic, inside the walls and other hard-to-reach places, none of them are not a problem for Polar Tiger.

Our service technicians are experts at removing mold in the smallest crevices, and our methods produce no secondary waste, are non-conductive, non-toxic and non-abrusive. Furthermore, once we finish the job, our clean-up ensures that we erase any evidence of having been in your home.

Home mold inspection performed by a qualified mold inspector

Qualified mold inspectors use custom equipment, such as infra-cameras, to locate pathways for water intrusion that can impact a home’s interior.

Polar Tiger inspectors will look closely at the HVAC system to ensure indoor air quality is not overlooked. We’ll look at all the usual suspects, such as attics and crawl spaces where mold most often takes hold. Even though our inspection is free, we take plenty of time to look over all areas of the home.

Testing for Mold in your home

Polar Tiger utilizes the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index, which is a panel of 36 molds that was originally developed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, we utilize the mold-specific quantitative polymerase chain reaction, which is a sampling methodology that identifies various species of mold.

By employing these methods, we can factor your home’s mold contamination score. We also test for mycotoxins, which are a secondary metabolite of come molds, because mycotoxins are biotoxins that thrive by killing other molds, but also have a negative effect on the health of humans.

How to prevent mold in house

Without moisture, mold can’t grow, which means to prevent mold in the house, you have to get rid of the moisture source. Seepage in the basement, leaky pipes, poor ventilation in the house – anything that allows moisture to come into contact with materials within a home need to be addressed immediately.

Daily activities like cooking and taking a shower or doing laundry can lead to mold, which is why proper ventilation is so important. Air conditioning units and dehumidifiers can assist in removing excess moisture.

Also, equip the home with mold-resistant products, such as mold-resistant drywall and sheetrock. These are often paperless, which means the mold’s food source is not present.

How to remove black mold quickly, safely and at a reasonable cost

Black mold is toxic and should be removed carefully by a professional. It’s often slimy, black or dark green, but sometimes gray. It can appear in spots or patches and it will spread with time.

It can be found most often on baseboards, cupboards under the sink, under boxes in the basement – basically anywhere with a lot of moisture. It will unleash a musty odor, which is often the first sign homeowners notice.

Fortunately, Polar Tiger technicians are experts at removing black mold and leaving no trace of it behind.

What to do when buying or selling a house with mold?

If you’re selling a house with mold, be prepared to see once-interested buyers turn away when they find out about the issue. They have the right to be so cautious – mold can be dangerous.

It’s not unusual for a home buyer to file a lawsuit against the seller if the mold issue was not revealed during the purchasing process. The best course of action is to have an inspection specifically for mold completed before listing the home. If mold is found, bring in a professional mold remediation company to tackle the problem.

How much does professional mold remediation cost?

The price of having mold removed from your home depends on the type of mold, where it’s located and how much of the home is impacted by it.

At Polar Tiger, we offer a free inspection to get the process started, giving the homeowner an idea of how extensive the problem is. We can devise a plan on how to remediate the mold at that point and offer a more practical determination of the cost of getting rid of it.

During the mold removal services, our experts focus on:
  • Highest Quality & Professionalism
  • Safely. On Time. Within Budget
  • Quick Process
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Looking for a mold removal & remediation company in Illinois and Northwest Indiana?

We pride ourselves as the go-to mold removal and remediation company in Chicagoland and beyond. Our state of the art, revolutionary technology leaves no residue and completely eradicates mold from the most hard-to-reach areas of the home.

Our specialty is mold inspection, testing and removal – all at a reasonable price. We utilize an independent third party certified laboratory to test samples, identify the exact species of mold and devise an action plan to remove it.

Contact us today and schedule a free inspection, estimate and consultation, or call (630) 270-2100.

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