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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning can completely and effectively clean out mold cavities as well as other tools and machinery associated with plastics and rubber production plants.

Mold fouling is a major issue with organizations utilizing plastics and rubber for manufacturing products. Cured material builds up on equipment and resin additive off- gases cause also collect on surfaces as residue. The result is often clogged vents that cause machinery to malfunction. It also results in molds that become coated in chemical and wax buildup, making the product essentially unusable. Therefore, cleaning the equipment used in most plastics and rubber-manufacturing plants is a frequent, necessary task.

Many plastics- and rubber-based companies utilize cleaning methods that utilize hand- cleaning techniques using abrasive scrubbers and chemical that can damage equipment. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is far and away a more suitable method, and it involves no chemicals, no abrasive scrubbers, and no mess.

Polar Tiger utilizes technology whereby dry ice, which is solid CO2 and compressed air combine to essentially dissolve contaminants that comes into contact with a sub-zero stream of high pressure air and dry ice. When the compressed air and CO2 comes into contact with the surface, the solid skips the liquid stage and turns immediately into gas, which breaks contaminant down at the molecular level. The result is an environmentally friendly cleanup that leaves behind no secondary waste other than the contaminant.

Polar Tiger has a variety of nozzles that can be used for specific jobs. However, Dry Ice Blast Cleaning can completely and effectively clean out mold cavities as well as other tools and machinery associated with plastics and rubber production plants.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning can be used for product finishing, including deflashing and deburring machine parts. Polar Tiger also works with these common tool and mold items used in plastics and rubber product manufacturing: thermoform molds, injection molds, blow molds, extrusion dies, plastic injection screws, plate out and off gassing, urethane molds, textured molds, embossing cooling rolls.

Another advantage Dry Ice Blast Cleaning has over traditional cleaning methods, including aggregate blasting, is that Dry Ice Blast Cleaning requires not cool down of machinery before it can be cleaned. There is also no need to disassemble machinery before it is cleaned, which means far less downtime of machinery and up to 80 percent less cleaning time.

Polar Tiger’s solutions are also non-abrasive and non-toxic, which means it can be used on even the most delicate of manufacturing materials, including electrical components and motors. There is no moisture involved, so there is no risk of mold, rust or shock.

From injection molding to compression molding to lift presses and tilt-back presses, Polar Tiger can address any situation with confidence.

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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning compared to traditional cleaning methods

  Dry Ice Blasting Sand Blasting Soda Blasting Water Blasting Hand Tools Solvents/
No secondary waste
Non-toxic* * * *
*Upon contact, traditional blasting materials become contaminated when used to clean hazardous substances and objects. These blasting materials are then classified as toxic waste and require appropriate safe disposal.

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