Power Generation

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning method is an ideal process for electrical and electric power generation equipment.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is fast becoming the go-to technique for cleaning stationary and rotating power generation equipment, ensuring that everything is running at optimal levels.

Power generation professionals count on electrical equipment running 24/7, but must suffer some downtime every now and then to clean equipment so that it runs optimally. When using traditional cleaning methods, such as abrasive hand tools and solvents, they run the risk of damaging equipment. However, with Dry Ice Blast Cleaning, the time it takes to clean the equipment can be reduced by up to 65 percent, and there is no risk of damaging equipment.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning involves simple, environmentally-friendly materials rather than toxic ones. Dry ice is the solid form of CO2, a gas that is non-toxic at normal levels.  CO2 blasting works through processes called thermal-kinetic effect, thermal shock effect and pellet kinetic energy. Polar Tiger’s technology makes these processes possible by adjusting the compressed air pressure, using different blast nozzles to affect velocity distribution, and utilizing the right sized CO2 pellets. When the pellets make impact with the targeted area, they instantly sublimate (phase change from solid to gas) and cause a tiny explosion that removes contaminants while leaving the surface area unharmed. However, it’s the thermal shock that causes the cleaning effect, not the pressure of the pellets striking the surface. For instance, the instantaneous sublimation of CO2 pellet upon impact absorbs maximum heat from the very thin top layer of surface coating or contaminant. Maximum heat is absorbed due to latent heat of sublimation. The gas expands to nearly 800 times the volume of the pellet in a few milliseconds in what is effectively a "micro-explosion" at the point of impact.

Because there is no abrasive involved and because the gas creates no moisture and leaves no moisture behind, the process is non conductive, which means it is safe to use on electrical components. There is always a demand to keep power generation equipment running, and this goal is far more attainable because dry ice blasting doesn’t require any equipment cool down time or equipment disassembly.

Power generation employees that use Polar Tiger’s solutions find that they reduce the chances of experiencing catastrophic failures and increase their polarization indices. They also see better thermal dissipation.

Because there is no aggregate to clean up as there is in blasting methods that utilize sand, beads and other aggregates, power generation organizations also save money on costs associated with secondary waste cleanup.

Polar Tiger solutions are currently being utilized to clean a wide variety of power generation equipment, including the following: rotors, substation isolators, substation bushings, armature, turbines, switch gears, AC/DC motors, compressors, generators.

Filthy equipment is a common occurrence in the power generation industry, but it doesn’t have to involve large volumes of downtime or toxic chemicals, damaging aggregates and scrubbers. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is helping to create a cleaner environment, more efficient power generation equipment, and less cost associated with cleaning, which can be passed down to the consumer.

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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning compared to traditional cleaning methods

  Dry Ice Blasting Sand Blasting Soda Blasting Water Blasting Hand Tools Solvents/
No secondary waste
Non-toxic* * * *
*Upon contact, traditional blasting materials become contaminated when used to clean hazardous substances and objects. These blasting materials are then classified as toxic waste and require appropriate safe disposal.

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